Alcohol Packages



Ronnies Kitchen Alcohol package is priced per person and allows for our staff to set up the bar area and serve beverages from the bar. The package includes glassware, bar table with table cloth, ice tubs with ice and trained staff. The prices below are for bar service only, however if you require tray service , we are able to re-price your menu taking into account the additional staff and beverage requirements.

Sparkling Wine



White Wine

Sauvignon Blanc


Red Wine

Cabernet Merlot


Beer Selection

Tooheys Extra Dry and Hahn Premium Light


Soft Drinks and Water

Assorted soft drinks, Filtered Water and Orange Juice 



       Duration of Service                     Price Per Head

                                                    2  Hours                                      $15.00

                                                    3 Hours                                        $22.00

                                                    4 Hours                                        $26.00

                                                    5 Hours                                        $30.00

If you would like to change the brand of wine or beers, please ask to see our wine list and we can price a package for you.


Licence Number 22222222222


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