Ronnie's Catering specialise in Lebanese Catering for all Sydney functions and events. We combine authentic traditional lebanese cuisine with our high quality approach to bring you the best in lebanese catering.

We boast a lebanese menu full of depth and flavour, which is sure to satisfy all. Our lebanese catering packages are as follows:

(Price includes delivery, set up plus all required good quality crockery)


LEBANESE FOOD BUFFET ONE $25.00 per person.   


1- pilaf rice with chicken, almonds and cashews

2- Roast chicken served with garlic paste

3- kafta

4- kibbi balls

5- sambousic

6- kibbi neye

7- tabouli

8- hommos 

9- garden salad

10- potato bake

11- mixed cabbage coleslaw

12- Lebanese bread



1- pilaf rice with chicken, cashews and almonds

2- lamb skewers

3- chicken breast fillet skewers

4- kafta skewers 

5- kibbi balls

6- sambousic

7- spinach pies

8- hommos

9- tabouli

10- Greek salad

11- rocket salad

12- samke hara (salmon with tahini and pine nuts)

13- smoked salmon, avocado and capers salad

14- eggplant salad

15- seafood pasta salad with king prawns

16- vine leaf rolls

17- Lebanese bread


Contact us today or call us directly on 02 9872 2294 to have our caterers make your event one to remember.




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